Organic to Procedural Houdini Tutorial: Wide Open -The Chemical Brothers

Let’s take a look at this amazing tutorial, released by Chetal Gazdar, where he shows us how to recreate the 3d scene and VFX from “Wide Open”.

The incredible music video of the Chemical Brothers “Wide Open” released a few years ago was a source of inspiration for many VFX and 3d artists, due to its complexity and the study of the new tracking technologies used in the video.

How to recreate the “Wide Open” VFX in Houdini.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to convert your Organic model into a Synthetic model using some powerful procedural approach of Houdini by Chetal Gazdar.

Organic to Procedural Houdini Tutorial

00:56 Import FBX file
02:27 Organic to Synthetic Process start
03:51 Freeze Noise on an Animated/deformed Object

The outcomes of this tutorial inspired by the music video “Wide Open-The Chemical Brothers“.

In the Chemical Brothers Wide Open video (featuring Beck) a girl dances in a warehouse as parts of her body are revealed as organic lattice constructions of a 3D pattern, all in dance time, between scenes.

Matching the dance performance with transparent body parts was one of the challenges to be faced, the effect had to last nearly 6,800 frames.

The Mill London teaming up with director duo Dom & Nic, implementing meticulous tracking, using mocap data, and even a bespoke tool to scan the dancer’s moving mesh.

Wide Open-The Chemical Brothers behind the scene

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