ORB by VIDEO COPILOT: the ultimate 3d sphere plug-in for Adobe AE

Hi Guys! Today on 3DArt a brief review of a stunning plug-in, completely free to download here will boost your workflow and make faster and easier your galactic projects!

Develop by Andrew Kramer, he is the guy who made Star Trek Into Darkness opening titles this is a fancy plug-in to build your own Universe.

If you are a 3d artist, a visual effects specialist, a motion graphic designer or even a concept artist, creative director ORB is something you need to check out as soon as possible, between the remarkable features:

  • Generate infinite details
  • Built-in illumination options
  • Advance bump maps
  • Environmental reflections
  • Fast motion blur
  • Complete control onto surface properties

ORB Video Test by Gill Mestari

Our team at 3dart tried this out and we invite you to do the same as we had lots of fun, please be aware that the performance of ORB is strictly connected to your GPU set-up.

Let us know your opinions on ORB in the comments below.

Now go and play!

Download Here


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