NVIDIA Mental Ray available

NVIDIA Mental Ray available from today in two very interesting versions: Free and Paid.


The free version allows the use only and exclusively for the realization of static images without limits of dimension or use (therefore both for the commercial and non-commercial).

The paid version instead is available if you intend to create animated sequences on subscription for the price of $ 295 / year per seat or the bundle with 5 licenses for $ 995.

Special price for those who have or purchase a professional GPU (Quadro or Tesla).

Among the great innovations, since the development of the engine passed completely under Nvidia, it is the graphic acceleration with GPU thus allowing to become also a rendering engine that exploits the calculation in CPU and GPU aspect that is becoming a standard for many industry brands and more.

Download for Maya (2016-2017)


Purchase of Mental Ray license for Maya-3D Max-Cinema 4D-Rhinoceros


More information on Mental Ray


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