Nuke VFX Performance Timers

Hi VFX Artist, today I want to talk about a precious tool to have on the own workflow for the VFX artist that works in Nuke, this is one of those tools that you cannot miss.

Nuke Performance Timers is a script that allows you to understand the timing of your workflow in Nuke, in this tutorial we will see how to use it associated with the script and workflow shared by the Senior Digital Compositor Sebastian Schütt.

Sebastian shows us how to go to monitor the performance of our Nuke’ scenes with a hidden tool, in different ways we will see how to access it, especially during the end of our deadlines, it is important that we have the knowledge of the calculation times of our renderings, of our work of VFX compositing, by monitoring the performance of your node, can help you to maintain control for a final rendering without problems in Nuke.

We will use python scripts that you can download.

There are different main stages of processing:

  • STORE knob values
  • VALIDATE output
  • REQUEST data
  • ENGINE generates output

In the first node Nuke stores the values ​​in Input and Output producing for each channel, calculation dimension of the performance result.

During the second and third phase, the node will request the data requested by the input. And finally, the final rendering, the node will generate its output and most of the processing time is spent in this phase, here we will analyze the time with the integrated tool, called Performance Timers, so let’s enable this function by typing the following command in the script editor.

How to use Performance Timers in Nuke?

Nuke  Performance Timers – Espresso Style Compositing Tutorial

Get the python scripts used in this video now!

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