Nuke CG and DEEP compositing workshop

Hey VFX Artists, don’t miss this new workshop, Nuke CG and DEEP compositing. In this Foundry NukeX workshop, the Director and VFX Supervisor Hugo Guerra (Hugo’s Desk) will composite a CG shot using DEEP renders and the latest Crowd Stock Footage from ActionVFX.

We will cover topics like ACES, DEEP, CG compositing, live-action integration, conforming, and finishing in Foundry’s Nuke Studio.

This event is brought to you by Foundry, ActionVFX, and Fox RenderFarm. CG created by Sajeel Shukla (AKA CG RockStar).

Nuke CG and DEEP compositing workshop

00:00:00 | Intro
00:06:10 | Stream starts
00:17:45 | Presenting all the render AOVs
00:32:12 | Showcasing my Crowd replication setup on uke’s particle system
00:38:53 | Rebuild the shader in Nuke
01:00:24 | Break
01:06:00 | Rebuild the shader in Nuke
01:09:10 | DEEP passes
01:15:00 | DEEP Sample and Crop
01:29:48 | Particle system in Nuke for the crowd
01:43:00 | Compositing the crowd with DEEP
02:09:40 | Depth of field with DEEP and PGBokeh
02:18:48 | Giveaways from ActionVFX and Hugo’s Desk
02:32:50 | Questions from the chat and Wrap up

Watch the Maya and Redshift pipeline by CGRockstar here, this is the scenes speed run of the process of creating CGI.

RaceTrack SpeedRun pt.1 made for Hugo’s desk

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