No to AI Generated Images

ArtStation artists have united to protest against images generated by artificial intelligence, an interesting trend born these days that is gaining more and more support, the proposal made by thousands of artists who have asked ArtStation to remove AI content from the website.

Thousands of 2D and 3D artists protest against AI-generated images.

In this last year, we have witnessed a real explosion of images generated by artificial intelligence, portals such as ArtStation are born for the sharing of users’ artistic works, are faced with the need to implement clear policies and guidelines against works generated by artificial intelligence. artificial intelligence, avoiding placing AI-generated works side by side with works created by artists.

Thousands of 2D and 3D artists, posted the same image, attached above, and asked ArtStation to remove the AI content from the website, citing multiple reasons for doing so, including that it generated the images diminish the work of human creators and make it harder for employers to find talent on the platform.

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