New SOFTBODY in C4D 2023 tutorial

As we’ve seen in other tutorials, Cinema 4D 2023‘s new simulation engine is truly amazing, taking its softbody simulation system to the next level.
As for the new Cinema 4D 2023 I personally am not very happy, as a paying user I found in the 2023 version many bugs in the rendering phase Redshift is not yet very stable struggling with various crashes, but apart from the various bug, the Softbody simulation tool in C4D 2023 seems to live up to the name it bears.

The new simulation framework for Cloth, Ropes and Soft-Bodies in version 2023, is much faster and more reliable, creating new ways and applications in which we can insert the new functions into the daily workflow as a 3D artist.

With the release of Cinema 4D 2023 you get many new possibilities to create amazing and playful simulations for your 3D artwork. So let’s create this transparent donut, filled with beautiful Jell-o’s Soft Body Subsurface.


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