New Features in Cinema 4D S22

MAXON surprised the 3D world with an unexpected new release called Cinema 4D S22 just 7 months after the release of version R21 that is headlined by highly-anticipated UV workflow enhancements!

UV Workflow Improvements in Cinema 4D S22
Cinema 4D S22 is headlined by UV workflow improvements, check this “first look” by EJ, about the new features and an intro into UVs.

New Features in Cinema 4D S22 – First Look

Cinema 4D S22 Feature Overview

Cinema 4D S22 offers subscription users early access to massive improvements to UV unwrapping and editing, as well as key workflow and technological enhancements. In this video Dimitris is going through some of S22’s key features.

S22 Feature Highlights

  • New UV Workflow Enhancements, Improved Packing and Automatic UVs
    Improved selection tools, visualization tools and a progressive unwrapping workflow make it much simpler to define a UV map, while new packing algorithms optimize texture resolution. A new automatic UV unwrapping option based on the Ministry of Flat licensed technology developed by Eskil Steenberg of Quel Solaar makes it easy to create a basic unwrap with minimal distortion and overlaps for baking and texture painting.
  • Enhanced Viewport
    Cinema 4D’s new viewport core provides a framework to make the best use of graphics technology in the coming years, with full support for Apple Metal. Users enjoy a more accurate view of the 3D scene, improved filtering and multi-instance performance.
  • Pipeline – GLTF export, GoZ Integration and More
    GLTF export offers users a flexible and efficient format for sharing 3D animations on the web and within AR applications, while GoZ integration offers a smooth workflow with Pixologic ZBrush for advanced sculpting. Support for Nodal materials within FBX and Cineware expands the pipeline for advanced materials.
  • Modeling Tools Improvements
    In addition to many small usability enhancements, modeling tools are faster and more robust, and better preserve mesh attributes like UV and vertex maps, thanks to a new core architecture.
  • Organizational Licensing Options
    Volume License Customers can leverage organizational accounts within the MyMaxon ecosystem to assign licenses to individual users or groups, coupling the flexibility of floating licenses with the accessibility and reliability of Maxon’s servers.

Maxon has boosted Cinema 4D’s pipeline compatibility with GLTF export, improved GoZ integration with ZBrush, and support for node-based materials in FBX and Cineware. For perpetual license holders of Cinema 4D a release is scheduled later this year that will incorporate the features of S22, as well as additional enhancements.

Recommended System Requirements
Cinema 4D S22 requires Windows 10 or macOS 10.13.6 at minimum, and the latest 10.15 release for the best experience.



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