New Component Tags in Maya

3DArtists, do not miss the new component tags tutorial in Maya, tutorial made by Reza Sarkamari. In the tutorial we will see how to assign tags and how to use them, tags are one of the most interesting new features of rigging in Maya 2022.

The new Tags in Maya can be effective in Rigging workflow, let’s take a look at this tutorial!

Tags in Maya are a new method, which creates and manage named groups to deform 3d model geometry, can be effective in rigging workflow and at the same time very easy to implement, combine to create named groups independent of assigned nodes to geometry.
This means you can change tag membership quickly.

How to use component tags in Maya 2022?

Reza Sarkamari is an educator based in Sydney, NSW. Reza started his journey as an Environment Modeler back in 1996. He then branched out to Visual effects in early 2000 and worked professionally in FX and lighting domain for over two decades.

Reza is one of the three Nuke Certified Trainers in Australia. He’s also an Autodesk Maya Certified Professional and an Adobe Certified Specialist in two majors.

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