Hi Guys, don’t miss to improve your C4D tools set with Navie Effex, now you can download it for free!

Effex by Navie is a fast and robust Particles & Fluid Simulation framework for C4D.
Recently the plugin has been posted where you can download it for free.

Navie Effex Simulation for C4D Now it’s Free !!!

Navie Effex Dynamics and Simulation for Cinema4D Now Free
 > Download:   Effex 2.80.03 for Cinema 4D R16 or higher

In this link Cinema4D Reddit Group speaks about how to install Navie Effex:

Navie Effex Dynamics And Simulation

Getting started work to Navie Effex, check this new video tutorial I show the whole process of creating, simulating and (simple) rendering of foam & spray in a liquid simulation setup with the latest version of Effex 2.7.

Effex 2.70.70 – Foam & Spray

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