Multichannel Exr files in Photoshop

For all digital artists that work with the EXR multichannel format, often used in production to work on compositing 3D scenes.

FREE new OpenEXR reader/writer for Photoshop!

Now we can go to work on each channel directly in Photoshop, using this free plugin, free download EXR-IO Photoshop Plugin.

Exr-IO – Exr in Photoshop in 60 seconds: Featurette

EXR-IO allows you to import all image channels from an Open EXR file into separate layers in Photoshop.
EXR-IO supports all OpenEXR features and provides workflow optimizations forPhotoshop.


These are the features of Exr-IO for Photoshop plugin :

    • Open and save all channels of the OpenEXR file
    • Support for Photoshop layer features like blending and opacity
    • Deep data sample import
    • Accurate support for chromaticities and color formats
    • Support for OpenEXR display window specification
    • Extensive load and save options
    • Adobe Photoshop 32 and 64 bit versions support (Windows)
    • Free of charge

Multichannel Exr files in Photoshop

Download now: Exr-IO downloaded for free 
for now the plugin is only bootable for Windows system, while MacOs users will have to wait even before downloading Exr-IO.


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