camera-based motion capture tool

Hey 3D Artists, today we are talking about Motion Capture (Mocap), as it is changing and evolving in the new era.

For several years, motion capture animation was the exclusive territory of large film studios and entertainment companies, accessible only to studios with large budgets. Mocap tools to create realistic character animation were an extremely expensive process.

Move AI technology extracts the motion of the actor from the video footage and retargets it automatically in your 3D character. extracts natural human motion from video using advanced artificial intelligence, computer vision, biomechanics and physics, automatically redirecting the data to your 3D character rig. Capture motion anywhere and export it directly to any game engine or digital environment, such as Unreal Engine, Move will extract the actor’s motion by creating Motion Capture data.

  • Download this motion scene created in in .fbx and .mp4 format at this link: /drive/folders/

Thanks to the use of Ai for the realization of motion capture, with Move we take a big leap forward to create complex animations of our characters.

With, even small studios and professional animators can access advanced motion capture technologies,
without the need for a motion capture suit.

Move is a really interesting and performing tool, without the need to use a suit for motion capture, but with the use of technology that exploits the power of AI and camera videos, it is able to obtain precise mocap data, to create fluid and realistic animations, elaborated with precision by the movement of the actors, going to apply them directly on your 3d models.

Motion Capture (Mocap) is accessible to everyone! technology uses standard camera hardware and mobile devices, eliminating the need and cost of expensive cameras, auxiliary hardware, suits, rigging, and dedicated studios. Simply choose a location, set up cameras in minutes, and upload motion extraction video whenever you need it.

It is also possible to download the APP which allows you to manage the acquisition of high-fidelity motion on mobile devices with iOS, simple and easy to implement anywhere. Simply download the app, sync it with the phones you want to shoot with, instantly record and send files to the cloud for data processing and feedback.


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