Tomorrow we’ll finally release the Motion Graphics ebook. There you can have a more detailed look at the two editions and choose the one that suits you most. We’ll send you an email as soon as everything is ready.

The 200 pages Silver Edition (that you’ll get for free) is perfect for beginners who want to gain a fast and efficient inside into the creative world of motion graphics. It is an overview of basic design processes and summarizes the most important knowledge:

The 400 pages Gold Edition is in all aspects much more detailed and includes exclusive additional content. Simple example: The Silver Edition explains the principles of animation on 2 pages, the Gold Edition on 14 pages:

Motion Graphics Design Academy – eBook Trailer

Learn to design Motion Graphics

VFX and motion graphics artist Timo Fecher is releasing a Free Resource  to download,  free Motion Graphics eBook. The eBook will include descriptions from design processes to modern animation techniques.

This motion graphics book is more than just a step-by-step instruction. More than just a tutorial. We won’t show you how to utilize a certain software or plug-in or how to create a specific effect. There are thousands of resources about these topics out there.

Our goal is to give you a profound background knowledge about design and animation principles and to improve your artistic skills. Software and plug-ins are changing constantly. But all that theory about storytelling, animation, color, typefaces, composition & compositing will stay the same.


To continue to learn more about Graphic & Motion Design, you can preorder the free eBook here:


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