Hi guys, today I want to share this tutorial, very cool for all Blender users, shared by Polyfjord.

How to import the motion capture in Blender?

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the workflow to create a complex scene, but easy to do in Blender.
We are going to create a scene in Blender where an animated character walks through a wall, creating a simulation of breaking the pieces of the wall that fall on the floor.

How to use the rigid body in Blender?

The tutorial starts using Adobe Mixamo, applying the motion capture to the 3d character, after that we’ll export the character animated to Blender,
where we’ll go to exploring cell fracture and add the rigid body tools to the character in Blender v2.83.

In the last part, we’ll learn how to use lighting applying HDR map, using the setup of Cycles material, Camera setup with DoF in Blender, in the end, we’re going to define the look of the scene in Blender Compositing.

Motion Capture animation with Brick Wall Simulation in Blender Tutorial

00:00​ Welcome!
00:45​ Motion capture workflow in Blender
04:11​ Cell fracture setup in Blender
08:30​ Rigid body simulation in Blender
14:05​ Cycles material setup in Blender
18:34​ Camera setup with DoF in Blender
20:37​ Compositing in Blender
23:20​ Recap

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