Houdini users and Motion Designers are very happy about MOPs. The new toolkit nodes created for motion graphics effects in Hourini. MOPs are constructed to be easy to use and fast, nodes created to get an incredible effects of animation in motion graphics, allowing you to get started immediately.

Entagma’s Moritz Schwind and Toadstorm’s Henry Foster have created and developed the MOPs (Motion Graphics Operators) toolkit, decided to combine their works and release of the motion graphics nodes for Motion Designer and 3D Artists. MOPs are designed to help motion graphics designers build the setups that the 3D Houdini Artists use most in production.

When we looked at the setups we typically built for commercial projects, we saw certain elements recurring in our node trees.

The incredible MOPs tool for Houdini it’s shared for Free as an open source toolkit free download.
The tools are easy to use, allow for an excess of quick and simple setups. The framework is designed to allow for easy development of custom MOPs nodes by users.

MOPs Tutorial

How to create a Motion Graphic in Houdini in MOPs?

Video Tutorials: Learn MOPs


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