Modeling, Rigging and Texturing Cartoon Hand

Hi 3DArtists, let’s start the week with this video tutorial series released by New Plastic.
In those video tutorials, you will learn, how to Model, Animate, Rig, and Texturing a simple model of Cartoon Hand in Cinema 4D.
Let’s start the tutorial by modeling a cartoon hand:

3D modeling Cartoon Hand in Cinema 4D

In this C4D tutorial, New Plastic will show you how to model this cute chubby hand using the box-modeling technique.
We’ll go over how New Plastic uses this technique to achieve a clean and healthy mesh while maintaining style and personality.

In the next part, where we’ll be rigging and animating this model! And part 3 where we’ll go over how to UV unwrap it. It’s easier than it sounds.

00:00​ – Intro
00:23​ – Showing the Gumroad model packs
00:49​ – Two Side-Notes
01:18​ – Sketching Out the Design
01:33​ – Preparing the Project
02:36​ – Modeling the Fingers
09:33​ – Modeling the Rest of the Hand
13:16​ – Overall Adjustments
16:36​ – Adding Knuckle Folds
18:00​ – Micro-Adjustments
19:40​ – Poly-Flow of Final Model
20:00​ – Outro

Rigging & Animating a Hand in Cinema 4D

In this C4D tutorial, we’ll show you how to rig and animate the hand model we created in the last tutorial.
We’ll go over how to create a healthy skeleton, how to approach weight painting, and how to create an efficient animation system using the Pose-Morph tag.

As a bonus, the author will also show you how to mirror any rig that you have while keeping all the weights.

00:00​ – Intro
00:37​ – Setting Up the Rig
07:05​ – Binding the Rig to the Mesh
07:40​ – Refining the Weights
13:23​ – Creating a Mirrored Rig
09:33​ – Modeling the Rest of the Hand
14:12​ – Setting Up Poses for Animation
18:33​ – Outro

Cinema 4D QuickTip – UV Unwrapping the Easy Way

In this C4D quick tip, we’ll show you how to UV unwrap this simple model in the easiest way possible.

How to use UV unwrap in Cinema 4D?

UV unwrapping is a dreaded but essential part of 3d modeling, which is why it’s important to at least understand how to approach it in the most basic way.
And this is what I’m showing you here!

The author using this method on pretty much every model that he has and it works well enough 100% of the time.

In the video tutorial:
00:23​ – The Model with No UV Map
00:45​ – Projecting an Initial UV Map
01:35​ – UV Unwrapping for Dummies
02:10​ – Creating an Edge Selection
02:58​ – Creating the New UV Map
03:40​ – Trying a Different Approach
04:25​ – How the Textures look with UV Map
05:05​ – Outro


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