Animate a simple Character in C4D

Hi Guys, do you want to animate a simple “Fluffy Character” in Maxon Cinema 4D? let’s start to play with Cinema 4D and Mixamo Character Animation.

How to rig and animate any character in Cinema 4D?

In this tutorial by you will see how to apply the animation of a 3d character in motion-capture animation from Mixamo to Cinema 4D, with simple steps you can apply the animation to a fluffy character… just enjoy!

In Mixamo high-quality animations are automatically applied and rigged in your 3D character, ready for the download to use in your C4D project.

> Go to Mixamo Animation Browser to access to the motion-capture library

How to animate 3D character in Maxon to Cinema 4D?

Combining Animations 丨 CINEMA 4D tutorial


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