Metahumans Custom Face from Photogrammetry Tutorial

3D Artist, don’t miss this tutorial on how to use Metahumans setup control on 3d face custom.
For some time I have been looking for a simple tutorial to follow, which explained all the steps to create the Metahuman setup on an externally imported face model.

How to create a custom MetaHuman Face?

The tutorial created by Small Robot Studio, it’s perfect, that explains a simple technique in Maya like hooking the Metahuman controls on another model in this case a 3d model generated by Zephyr Photogrammetry, fixed the mesh with Zbrush Mesh Alignment & Cleanup, the face model it is imported into Maya and attached to Metahuman’s face using a simple trick, using Blendshape in Maya.

In this extended tutorial, we’ll have a look at all the steps involved in creating a custom metahuman sculpt from photogrammetry and applying the geometry to an existing Metahuman rig.

00:00 Intro
00:37 Maya Export
02:36 Zephyr Photogrammetry
08:31 Zbrush Mesh Alignment & Cleanup
14:54 Eye Alignment
18:18 Shoulders
20:06 Mouth Bag & Teeth
26:35 ZRemesh
28:50 Zwrap Preparation
30:42 Zwrap
36:03 Blendshape Deltas
39:03 Final Notes



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