Maxon e Adobe

MAXON announces strategic alliance with Adobe to deliver new levels of digital multimedia content creation.

MAXON has entered into a strategic alliance with Adobe Systems Incorporated to continue collaborating on a future technology that delivers creativity in the motion graphics and visual effects industry with new levels of digital media creation. As part of the alliance, both companies are expected to collaborate and design a channel between Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D to provide users with a tool that provides continuity between 2D/3D.
“CINEMA 4D is a leading 3D solution, and After Effects users have come to know and love it for its ease of use, speed integration, stability especially with 2D compositing application,” he said Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO, MAXON Computer GmbH. “We look forward to continuing the collaboration between our programming and marketing team to ensure that the exchange of operations of our software products, has a positive impact on artists, who seek to integrate easily and the processing of 3D in their productions.”

“Adobe After Effects is software that has a 20-year history of becoming the standard for animation and visual effects,” said Steve Forde, senior product manager for After Effects at Adobe. “Partnering with a 3D graphics market leader like MAXON will accelerate the pipeline of work for After Effects users, creating rich immersive experiences.”

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