Matte Painting in Nuke with 3D Card

Let’s see how to use the Matte Paintings in 3D space Nuke. Simple tutorial showing how to use the Z and Focal options in Nuke’s 3D cards when setting up a Matte Painting in the 3D system.
Video tutorial made by Hugo Guerra (Hugo’s Desk) VFX Supervisor & Cinematic Director, explains the steps to create a scene from the animated matte painting in Nuke, recreating the parallax into the scene, fixing the general problems for this scene in Nuke.

Setting Up a Matte Painting in Nuke’s 3D System

The Matte painting is often one of the master key of the compositing used in many movie scenes, commercials and video games, it refers to one of the most traditional illusions used in film since his debut. In Nuke we can recreate the virtual scene, we can recreate split levels and playing with 3d geometries, creating amazing effects of great suggestion. One of the master key in this work is the right use of the parallax, the camera movements, the values of the lens, focus etc.

In Nuke you can use 3D card, moved in the camera, set the lens, the focal length and lens settings in 3D space of Nuke.


Creating a 3D image plane in Nuke

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