Material preset for Redshift renderer

Here you can download the Material preset for Redshift renderer, and learn how to use it the Material in Redshift (powerful GPU-accelerated renderer) in C4D,
in this video tutorial we’ll be making and using a simple and versatile material preset for Redshift renderer in Cinema 4d.

Redshift offers a suite of powerful features and integrates with standard CG applications.
The use of Redshift renderer is grow up very fast thanks to versatility and the very fast timing render thanks to the GPU power, many 3D Artist and CG artist are converted to Shift renderer, working on the film and broadcast industry.

> Download Rich Nosworthy’s RS Shaderball scene, here:

> Download Material preset for Redshift scene
or here:

Material Basics in Redshift Renderer for Cinema 4D Tutorial (& Preset!)

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