Make a futuristic robotic arm with Blender

The latest versions, starting from Blender 3.5, introduce a powerful tool known as Geometry Nodes. This nodal feature allows users and 3D artists to manipulate and generate complex geometries with incredible ease, even procedurally. In this video, we will explore an experimental and creative project: creating a futuristic robotic arm using Blender’s Geometry Nodes, by Cartesian Caramel.

The real magic begins with the implementation of Blender’s Geometry Nodes on the 3D arm model. This tool allows users to take the network of lines and seamlessly transform it into a sleek and futuristic particle-based robotic arm. The transformation process is not only visually impactful but also highly customizable.

A distinctive feature of this robotic arm project is the ability to customize the appearance of the cables. Cables, an integral part of the arm’s aesthetics, are constructed using a segment object. This segment object serves as a constitutive element of the entire cable structure. It is important to emphasize that users have the flexibility to replace this segment object according to their creative vision. Whether opting for a sleek metallic look or experimenting with alternative materials, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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