LookdevX in Autodesk Maya

Dive into the future of VFX with industry expert Arvid Schneider as he reveals the groundbreaking LookdevX and USD features in Autodesk Maya 2024!

This is a must-see for any VFX enthusiast looking to level up their skills and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. In the latest release of Maya, we find new technology developed for LookDevX, an appearance development tool that works with USD, with MaterialX in Maya.

What is LookdevX?

LookdevX for Maya is a new look-development tool that lets you create USD shade graphs and author custom materials in Maya.

In this video, Arvid explores the transformative power of these cutting-edge technologies using a production-ready asset from the iconic film Chappie. He shows us how to use the LookdevX tool and USD, revolutionizing workflow and enhancing the creative possibilities for both artists and studios.

Maya LookdevX USD Tutorial

0:00 What I will cover today
0:30 Basic USD Stage example
1:11 Production Asset Chappie
2:32 LookdevX
3:18 Lighting Setup
4:15 LookdevX Compounds Authoring
8:00 Nested Compounds
9:26 Rendering GPU
10:01 Shader tweaks
10:40 Final Settings and Results


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