Lighting in Unreal Engine 5 for Beginners

Knowing how to create and illuminate a scene is not easy even for the most experienced 3d artists, shaping the light in the 3d scene or in the still life of a model could be hard to do.

Let’s start working on the first steps in lighting in Unreal Engine 5, in this tutorial, is perfect for beginners, but also for those who want to brush up on the basics of creating lighting of a certain level.

Creating the setup of a scene lighting in UE5 is not easy, let’s see the basics in this tutorial created by William Faucher.

In this “Lighting in Unreal Engine 5 for Beginners” tutorial, we will learn all about the fundamentals of light, what kind of lights are available to us, how they work and how to make the most of them.

Followed by an in-depth explanation of how light behaves in the real world and mimics it in Unreal Engine 5‘s powerful real-time render engine.

Then we will learn how to light a room from scratch.
Once for daytime lighting and a second time for a cloudy, dark, and moody day look.

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:41 – CGSpectrum
  • 01:35 – Project Settings
  • 03:18 – Lighting Basics & Light Types
  • 10:09 – Lighting Basics & The Magic Sauce
  • 13:18 – VSM vs Raytraced Shadows
  • 16:07 – Helpers & Guides
  • 17:45 – Indirect Lighting
  • 20:17 – Reflective Objects Quick Tip
  • 23:13 – Emissive Materials
  • 25:21 – Lighting your Scene & Daylight
  • 33:49 – GODRAYS!
  • 39:19 – Overcast Lighting
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