The 4th Room at Lift-Off Film Festivals

If you are looking for interesting films and shorts to watch, don’t miss the selection of the Lift-Off Film Festivals London, at this link.

In this year’s selection, you will find two of our short films “The 4th Room” – a cinematic VR experience, a classic sci-fi movie in VR at 36o degrees, and “Commuter’s Dream” movie always using VR technology in 360 movies with a touch of Unreal Engine 4, created by the visionary mind of the director Sebastiano Pupino and of the undersigned Emanuele Serra, with the partnership of 3DArt.

Both VR experiences will be streamed during the London Lift-Off Film Festival Lift-Off Global Network Limited and will be available on Vimeo between December and January.

So don’t hesitate and get your event ticket here:
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The 4th Room – VR Trailer

Official Trailer – Commuter’s Dream – a 360 VR cinematic experience with Jerome Wise

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