Jellyfish Animation with Geometry nodes Download

The geometry nodes system is a very powerful node-based function management system in Blender, with the use of procedural functions, incredible results are obtained, to modify the geometry of an object with operations based on the nodes procedurally.

In this article, we share the incredible work done on the Jellyfish procedural animation, by Albin MERLE, Rendered at Letrucstudio.. Procedurally transformed into 100% geometric nodes, the jellyfish is made entirely of geometric nodes including animation, inspired by the NENGHUO technique of staggered temporal noises.

The Blender scene is available for free download, and in the JellyFish Generator you can configure the head and tentacles of the jelly inside the first geometric nodes, the second geometric nodes are made to animate the model. No rigging, no keyframe animation, and no simulation were used in the scene.

Download JellyFish Generator Blender File Project

How do Geometry nodes systems work in Blender?

Blender’s geometry node system allows you to alter an object’s geometry and make other modifications with node-based functions. Nodes are essentially blocks that contain structured data and transform inputs into outputs based on parameters defined in the node group.

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