IRON MAN 3 : VFX Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the great work on Iron Man 3, in this Breakdown released by Scanline.

In Iron Man3 was responsible for the “House Attack” sequence. This sequence included multiple environments, going to face a wide range of technical difficulties. In these scenes Scanline worked on three different scenarios: an exterior with the driveway, an interior with Tony’s living room and garage set, going to rebuild a digital version of the Point Dume environment and Tony’s villa, as well as all the elements of water and background in CG, and work on Iron Man, modeling, structuring and animating the suit of Iron Man MK42.
Scanline has finally set the scene for the destruction simulations, creating the smoke in CG, fire and water, creating the fleet of enemy helicopters and finally created the digital underwater environment.

IRON MAN 3 : VFX Breakdown by Scanline VFX





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