Introduction to Hair Tools in Blender

Hi Blenderians, in this tutorial we’ll go through the Blender hair tool, a subsidiary part of the Jaguar Grooming Workflow. Designed for beginners released by VFXGrace, it allows you to have a better understanding of these tools, thus laying a solid foundation for your future study.

This tutorial is perfect for beginners in Blender.
Let’s start working with Blender’s hair tools!

Hair Tools in Blender tutorial for beginners

This brief tutorial is a part of a larger premium tutorial covering creating realistic grooming of 3D Jaguar, if you want to create a realistic Jaguar grooming for cinematic results, check the premium tutorial.

Cinematic jaguar hair grooming workflow tutorial which includes 10 episodes that last 5 hours in total. It covers reference analysis, general knowledge of hair, basics of the particle system, detailed guide grooming, material adjustment as well as final refinement and rendering.

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