Introduction to Bifrost

Hi 3D Artist, in this video, we’ll start to visual programming with Bifrost in Maya. Instead of complex dynamic simulations, we will show you, how to modify a geometry with Bifrost, starting with simple elements.

In this video, we’ll learn some important concepts for handling Bifrost and for editing data in Bifrost.

Bifrost 2.1 Visual Programming for Artists

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost makes it possible for 3D artists and TDs to create complex effects in Maya quickly and easily using a new visual programming environment.

Bifrost is an FX and simulation environment, a node-based system that can handle a lot of simulation, Autodesk reinterpreted good old Softimage ICE acquired years ago, and reusing it in Maya.

TDs can create custom graphs in the Bifrost Graph Editor and package them up for artists at their studio to use across different shows, scenes, and shots.

Artists can also take advantage of a wide array of ready-to-use graphs to create effects like fire, smoke, explosions, sand, and snow right out-of-the-box.


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