How to in import ZBrush PolyPaint in Maya?

Character Designer Janos Hunyad shared a free Import ZBrush PolyPaint tool for Maya. As the name suggests, the tool will allow you to import Zbrush PolyPaint into Maya, without UV and channels. Now, with a simple installation, you can easily import Zbrush PolyPaint into Maya.
Import ZBrush PolyPaint for Maya is a plugin and script that currently supports Autodesk Maya 2015 on the Mac.
Janos states that you can compile a version of Windows according to the application.

Check  Importer ZBrush PolyPaint per Maya here, [direct link]


Download link ( v0.3 ):

2015 (Mac 64-bit)
2015 (Windows 64-bit)
2014 (Windows 64-bit)

Zbrush Polypaint importer for Maya / Free

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