The role of artificial intelligence in content creation

In order to launch a message, whether informative or promotional, you need to capture the recipient’s attention. Considering that human beings are more inclined to process and memorize visual information, infographics are currently an excellent communication system.
Basically, these are visual representations, which can concern concepts or data, whose goal is precisely to attract attention by launching a quick message and conveying information, all using graphics. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, infographics are becoming increasingly automated and easy to create.

Who are infographics for?

Infographics are used, precisely, to send a message, so it can be very useful in the advertising field to make one’s products or services known. An infographic, therefore, can be about promoting a newly released car as well as being able to play online slots or blackjack in a live casino. As far as artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is concerned, we are dealing with a technology that aims to simulate human intelligence by using specific computer systems, with the aim of perfectly reproducing man’s methods of reasoning.
From robotics to video games, from industrial automation to content creation, artificial intelligence finds great use today and concrete examples are known by all, including suggestions relating to searches carried out on search engines, the ability of virtual assistants to understand user requests, and even the possibility of preventing cyber-attacks through the reconstruction and recognition of previous actions.

With which software you can create infographics using AI

Messages, images and even videos can be created through artificial intelligence, thanks to the presence of special software that is able to process the requests made by the content creator. In any case, the contribution of man’s creativity remains essential.
The help of the AI is more related to the finding of the material to work on and the consequent work carried out, which of course must be conceived and communicated by the user in a clear and eloquent way. Let’s see which are the best software to create infographics with the help of artificial intelligence.

Midjourney, the program for creating images with AI

Midjourney is an application that offers the possibility of creating unpublished images through the communication of textual descriptions by the user. The use of the program is quite immediate: all you have to do is send a clear and detailed description of the image you intend to create, quickly obtaining four different bases that serve as a starting point for giving life to the desired content, such as a ‘infographic.

Unedited videos with Gen-1

Gen-1 is an application that allows you to create videos based on already existing clips. In this case, these are not totally unedited images, but videos that are automatically modified using software following the specific information sent by the user. This technology is potentially revolutionary for content creators of all kinds, and aims to speed up production processes and leave the role of creator to the creator, with fewer tasks regarding the material realization of the work

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