Icarius Astronaut 3d model to Download

Hi 3DArtists, don’t miss this 3d Astronaut Icarius model, character rigged in Maya ready to download.
The model shared by Emilio Serrano, made in Maya and rigged with mGear the open-source rigging and animation framework for Autodesk Maya, for more info and download mGear rigger tool for Maya, click here: /mgear-framework/

mGear is totally free and open source!!!

  • The Astronaut character has advanced controls with IK/FK very easy to manage and to animate, Icarus Cosmonaut modeled and textured by Israel Gomez Simon.
  • Before starting to animate, you have to install mGear the open-source framework for Maya.

Download Astronaut 3D Model

Icarus Astronaut Maya Rig Animation by Emilio Serrano

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