How to Use Stable Diffusion Inside Houdini rendering images

Stable Diffusion can create images based on an input image, which means we can generate scenes with Houdini and insert them. This video walks you through the process, how to set up stable diffusion, and how to use stable diffusion within Houdini to generate rendered images.

Stable Diffusion allows you to produce images starting from an input image using Ai, in this tutorial we will see how to visualize within Houdini, to generate renderings and create images with a large variety of effects and styles.

How to install Stable Diffusion into Houdini

Artificial Intelligence is a huge topic of discussion, in this tutorial we will look at how we can use Stable Diffusion to create
images inside Houdini. Once you have installed Stable Diffusion in SideFX Houdini, just open a prompt and issue commands.

Download the Stable Diffusion tool:




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