How to use CamTrackAR in Blender, After Effects & Unreal Engine

Hey CG Artists, let’s start the week by trying this tracking tool, to use in our 3D and digital compositing scenes.

Javert Valbar shows us how to use CamTrackAR using different applications, we will see how you can set up and use tracked footage using the CamTrackAR app in Blender, After Effects, or even Unreal Engine.

CamTrackAR is perfect for pre-visualization options on set, and VFX post-production workflow.

CamTrackAR uses Apple’s AR technology to capture camera tracking data in real-time, giving you more control over tracking.

  • Download and get more information about CamTrackAR here.

CamTrackAR Guide 1: Getting Started | FREE 3D Camera Tracker for iOS

CamTrackAR is a groundbreaking iOS* app that can capture video and 3D tracking data simultaneously using Apple’s AR technology, and the most recent update brings powerful new features for on-set previsualization, including live Chroma Key and real-time 3D model import.

CamTrackAR Guide #2: Compositing in HitFilm | 3D Models + Greenscreen

Learn how to take your CamTrackAR tracked footage from your iOS* device and composite it into any scene you can imagine inside HitFilm. The tracking data mirrors the real-world camera movement in your CGI environment, and allows you to add 3D models at the same time!

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