How to use Blender’s Cameras

Many 3D artists have been diving into Blender in the past year, adding it as one of their go-to tools alongside software like Cinema 4D or Maya, integrating Blender into their workflow.

Even from my own experience, one of the things I had to relearn when switching to Blender awas how to handle cameras effectively. But fear not! With this tutorial, you’ll have no trouble navigating Blender’s camera system like a pro.

Explore the world of Blender’s cameras and unleash their creative potential!

Luciano, aka #LollypopMan, takes us on a journey through Blender’s camera world, giving us a comprehensive look at how to use them.

Luciano shares his experience with Blender’s cameras, highlighting the challenges newcomers face compared to other software like Maya. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to move and lock the camera in Blender, with tips on getting the most out of your shots.

Camera Properties

From focal points to depth of field, Luciano guides us through Blender’s camera essentials, offering practical advice and sharing personal insights.

Editing and Multi-angle

Finally, Luciano demonstrates how to use multiple cameras to create dynamic, multi-angle sequences, giving us a sneak peek into the editing process and making project creation more engaging and fun for Blender users.

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