How to use bendy bones in Blender

In this tutorial how to get better control over an arm using a cartoon-style character, and flexible bones in Blender using the B-Bone Rig.

In this video Remington Markham (SouthernShotty) shows us an easy way to set up a flex arm and get maximum control over it with simple tips for creating the rig.

How to use bendy bones in Blender?

Blender’s Bendy Bones allows artists to easily rig cartoon-style limbs, this technique can be used in a multitude of uses, simple to manage to get stained frames, which can be animated by extending beyond the limits of a single joint.

Bendy Bones Tutorial

Blender’s Bendy Bones system is a new rigging tool. As the name suggests, it allows you to create a fairly flexible bone system, not only in movements but also in the management of individual rigs.

The entire Bendy Bones system has been set up to offer an easier way to rig characters, quickly and easily.
It was created to be an easy-to-use rigging system for all animators levels.

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