How to resume rendering in Corona in this tutorial

Do you know that you can resume the rendering in Corona, even if the project was closed?
This is a function that I never noticed that in Corona Renderer you can stop and resume the rendering from where you left it, even if the file has been closed. An incredible feature I have never seen before in other render engines!

In this tutorial we will see how to use the “Resume Rendering in Corona” function, we will see an overview of this technique in action in Corona Render in Cinema 4d.

Corona Renderer has a feature that allows you to continue rendering, resume rendering from the same point even if the file has been closed!

This feature is amazing, I have never seen anything like this before, I mean, all render engines allow you to pause and restart a render, while now the games change, Corona Renderer allows you to resume the computation del last rendering even if the file was closed, Corona will pick it up where it left off.

Now you can resume rendering at any time!

How to resume rendering in Corona? take a look at this tutorial!

With Corona, you can stop and start a render with a couple of options. You can also continue a render if you quit the renderer and quit Cinema 4D.

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