How to recover deleted files

Today I want to share with you Yodot Recovery Software, a very interesting product, to be combined with your trusted software for your workflow. Even after many years of experience it often happens to delete the wrong folder or file, especially when you are under the deadline for the delivery of a project.

For this reason, today I point out Yodot Photo recovery software, safe and effective data recovery software.

How many of you have never accidentally deleted a file while you are in delivery on a project?

When you work for example on a complex motion design scene or on a compositing scene, the files to be managed are many, it is essential to have Giga of free data files, going to better manage each file of the project.

How to recover lost files from your hard drive?

We have tested the tool and I must say that it is very accurate and fast, I was able to recover files that I thought lost that I had deleted several months ago. With simple three steps, we can access files to recovery and have full control of the files to restore.

A useful resource to support your work pipeline, we recommend Yodot Recovery Tool. This program allows you to recover lost data deleted from your hard drive or USB.


Yodot Recovery Tool is available for both Windows and Mac, allowing you to recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible, or lost files.


In addition to being a very useful software, it is also simple to use, with simple steps we can access the recovery files, have full control of the files to be restored, analyzing our hard disk, and showing us the list of deleted and divided files. by type, type of extension, and file size.

Yodot Photo recovery software is a powerful software with which you can recover all those files that have been deleted from your computer or from USB media, SD cards, etc.

You can use Yodot to recover lost, deleted and formatted image files. or music files on removable media, after accidental deletion, and even on corrupted formats, working with any type of digital card reader or storage media on your PC or Mac.

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