How to Land Your Dream Job in VFX

Hi VFX Artists, here a FREE beginner guide about the VFX industry, the team at Rebelway has created a free downloadable book for aspiring VFX artists.

Do you want to land a VFX studio job at ILM, Disney, or Weta? In a recent survey with Rebelway alumni, they found that the majority of aspiring VFX artists have the same goal, land a job at a dream studio. We totally understand.

Working for a killer VFX studio is a respectable and inspiring goal. We’ve all grown up watching incredible VFX and for many of us, the thought of creating similar FX sounds like a dream come true.

But how the heck are you supposed to land a dream job at a studio?

For many, the process of figuring out how to land a gig in the VFX industry sounds illusive, if not, impossible. However, we’re excited to tell you that it is definitely possible to not only land an incredible job in the VFX industry but also land a job at your DREAM studio.
It just takes patience and persistence.

How to Land Your Dream Job in VFX?

Here the VFX topics of the Book:

  • Is VFX School Worth it?
  • Important Demo Reel Tips
  • Software You Need to Learn
  • The Best Cities to Live
  • Salary Information & Breakdowns

Here a guide to the VFX industry on the market, and the best part is it is completely FREE.

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