How to get started with Cloth in Cinema 4D 2023

Cinema 4D S26 introduced a unified simulation framework for Cloth and Splines and has already changed the game for fabric simulation. The solver is much faster, easier to use, and capable of producing incredible results.

With the new Unified Simulation System, you can achieve more realistic-looking simulations that incorporate multiple objects with different simulation characteristics such as fabric, string, and soft bodies.

Cinema 4D S26’s simulation system allows you to calculate simulations on the CPU or GPU and is highly multi-threaded, offering improved performance on complex fabric simulations.

Getting started with Cloth in C4D 2023

In this video, EJ will show you how to get started with S26’s new fabric system.

00:00 – Intro
01:16 – Getting Started
03:25 – Scene Settings
04:37 – Using Particle Forces with Cloth
06:53 – Adding Thickness to Cloth
07:58 – The importance of Scene Scale
10:38 – Cloth Parameters
11:22 – Using the Friction Force
12:51 – Using a Rotation Force to Twist Cloth
19:18 – Field Force Uses
24:29 – Cloner + Cloth = Awesome
27:26 – Getting a more fluid simulation

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