Hi guys, in this article, how to get a facial capture iPhone rig helmet for cheap, for affordable costs without spending 1000 dollars.

How to get a facial capture rig helmet to manage facial expressions for a low-cost solution?

Online you can find helmets that you can buy to motion capture, but they are very expensive like 1000 dollars. JSFILMZ shared a video where shows you his version of rig helmet made just using a low-cost setup from Amazon items.
As we can see from the video the low-cost rig set-up works, it could be an interesting solution for small studios and for those who are approaching this world.

Check how to buy a simple set-up of the helmet for rig face mocap:

1) Helmet

Helmet for the facial rig, I selected this model, but feel free to buy and use the model you want, the important is to have space in front of the head to stuck the iPhone mount.

Helmet for the facial rig






2) Action Camera Accessory Kit

Action Camera Accessory Kit, we’ll use these buckle clip base mounts, to allow you to attach your camera iPhone to the helmet, adhesive mount, or helmet mount, it’s easy to install and remove.

Action Camera Accessory Kit






3) Camera Mount Adapter

This important adapter allows you to connect your camera to the vertical bracket with your iPhone camera.

Camera Mount Adapter









4) Curved Arced Extension Arms

Accessory arms designed to securely attach to other action cam mounts and accessories.
Material: Plastic, Lengths: 7.5/13.5/19.5cm; 3-in-1 arced extension arms kit

Perfect arc for self-shooting – Helmet view; This arced extension arms set contains 3 lengths for self-shooting footage, designed to work with helmet mounts.

Curved Arced Extension Arms


5) Smartphone Holder 

The last item is the Smartphone Holder, mount smartphone with or without a case to a tripod, monopod, selfie stick, video slider, ring light, stabilizer, handle grip with 1/4-inch thread.

Smartphone Holder 

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