How to Create a Responsive Mask in After Effects

In the processing and creation of an animation of a video in motion design, one of the basic elements that are always present in every composition is the use of masks, which manage from the visual elements to the fonts, to the visual elements to be animated.

Danim Box is a free After Effects script that allows you to automatically adjust the size and position of text and media.

Danim Box is definitely a script that a motion designer must always have among his working tools.

Ukramedia provides us with its free script and a video tutorial where it shows us how to create a reactive mask in Ae able to adapt to the elements of a level.

With Danim Box we are going to set up a smart mask with After Effects, Sergei Prokhnevskiy shows how to create these smart masks by handling simple scripts, a system that can help with many animations and effects in Ae.

How to Create a Responsive Mask in After Effects


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