How to create 3d paths in Spline

Very interesting a new 3D tool, based on a web platform. offers designers 3D design tools, all managed online also via multi-user. The platform allows designers to quickly create complex three-dimensional models with the help of control curves. also offers a library of pre-built 3D models.

In the new update we find a new feature, 3D Paths in Spline, it’s a new feature that opens up a whole new world of possibilities, around spline management with advanced and creative controls, going to better manage.

New Feature – 3D Paths in Spline!

These are the new features of the new version:

– Create 3d routes
– Extrude and move vector shapes along the path
– Clone and align objects along the way
– Animate path parameters!

3D Paths are meshes generated with points and bezier curves, allow you to easily create objects like pipes, tubes, ropes, cables, rails, paths, etc. As well as creating paths for other objects to follow.

3D Paths in Spline Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to use 3D Paths in Spline to achieve many visual results. You will also learn how to animate objects along a path and how to combine cloner and physics with paths.

0:00 Introduction
0:00 Creating paths
1:45 Adding round corners
2:20 Path extrusion
3:15 Depth and offset
4:10 Angle and twist
5:47 Using custom vectors shapes
8:33 Using text shapes
10:25 Using gradient layer with paths
11:50 Animate path parameters
14:04 Animate infinite loops
15:30 Adding clones to paths
17:08 Mixing techniques
18:30 Exploring 3d handwritten styles
20:50 Exploring tube styles
21:55 Animating objects along a path
28:58 Physics and path animation
30:20 Converting 2d vectors to 3d paths
31:24 Exploring glass and matcaps in paths
32:23 Exploring neon lights effects
33:29 Complex custom shapes and styles
34:05 Using multiple offsets for different objects
34:43 Exploring candy letters with star shapes

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