How to composite VFX footage into CG in Nuke

Let’s check to this new Nuke compositing tutorial by ActionVFX, we’ll see how to composite a CG Star Wars Scene in VFX adding some real footage elements like explosion, smoke, gun smoke, dust, and more.

How to composite VFX footage into CG Star Wars Scene?

In this Nuke tutorial, we are going to a galaxy far, far away! Inside Nuke, we are going through the details in setting the CG comp up, and then adding the perfect touch of ActionVFX VFX stock footage elements throughout.

How to create a Star Wars VFX Compositing?

How to composite VFX footage into CG in Nuke

This Nuke tutorial covers:
– Positioning VFX stock footage in 3D space using Geo
– Utilizing TimeOffset to produce accurate timing between footage
– Using the 3D scene camera
– Using ScanlineRender to quickly determine scene positioning
– Using Dirt Blasts, Spark, & Exploding Debris VFX for rock explosion
– Using Gun Smoke and Exploding Debris for rock column impact

VFX stock footage used in the tutorial:
– Dirt Blasts VFX
– Spark Explosions VFX
– Exploding Debris Vol. 1 VFX
– Gun Smoke Vol. 1 VFX


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