Houdini Hologram

How to create a good hologram effect for feature film or video games in Sci-Fi style?
I think Houdini is the best software to create this kind of effects, the power of the simulation of Houdini, particles effects and procedural 3d shape join with the motion graphics style, HUD animated and GFX artist are growing up very fast creating incredible style.

How to create a Hologram in 3D?

In this tutorial, we can follow each step through the nodal system of Houdini, download the tool used in the video, developed by VFX Arabia, #Houdini Hologram is a simple tool that will transform your model into a hologram.

Tool for Creating hologram effects in Houdini


The tool’s Features:
– Define resolution (sections / points in section).
– Solid colour or texture based. – Total control of noise pattern.
– Camera occlusion.
– Two lights with shadow.
– Redshift setup was used.
As you can see from the video you need to have some sort of understanding of how Houdini works, it’s not the simplest tools out there, it has some tricks here and there.

Download: houdini-hologram

developed by: http://vfxarabia.co | http://facebook.com/VFXArabia

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