When you have a fan-favourite anime series like Ghost in the Shell hitting the big screen, in live-action format, complete with Hollywood stars, you know the pressure is going to be on to deliver top-quality visual effects.

There are a lot of visual effects going on in most of the street scenes where Lead Actor Scarlett Johansson is walking around and here Territory was responsible for compositing the animated CG elements into the final trailer shots. In the film itself, most of that was down to Lead VFX Vendor MPC to do, as Territory’s job was to create the assets in the first place.

Territory Studio: Ghost in the Shell Concept Reel

Territory Studio used Cinema 4D for Ghost in the Shell’s futuristic cityscape
Courtesy of Territory Studio / DreamWorks Pictures

Ghost in the Shell Trailer Breakdown

Territory Studio: Ghost in the Shell Trailer Breakdown from Maxon UK on Vimeo.


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