Geometry Slicer Tutorial in C4D

Hi 3DArtist, we are selected this cool tutorial selected for you. In this tutorial will see how to use Geometry Slicer in C4D to create beautiful effects in 3D modeling.
Tutorial by Tim Clapham from Helloluxx, Team will teach you a quick and easy technique to create a geometry slicer in Cinema 4D using a few simple MoGraph tricks.

The technique is actually really simple, we take a linear spline with only two points and use this as the source for the Voronoi Fracture. By using a spline as the source, you can adjust the number of points created along the spline length, this controls the number of slices generated.

100% procedural in Voronoi Fracture

It’s so easy and quick. The great thing about this technique is 100% procedural, so you can adjust the number of slices and thickness, or even animate them. Also, you can use animated objects as children of the Voronoi Fracture to create some interesting effects.

😎 Enjoy!!!

Let’s start with Geometry Slicer In Cinema 4D:

You can get also have a pre-built rig that you can download to make this process even easier for you. Simply drop your object into the Voronoi Fracture and then adjust the parameters to suit your requirements.

Geometry Slicer Tutorial in C4D

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