Gabor Filter – Fine Hair Extraction v2.0 download

Gabor Filter – Fine Hair Extraction v2.0 Nuke gizmo is a free plugin for The Foundry’s Nuke digital compositing software. It is designed to automatically detect and extract fine hairs from images and footage. The plugin utilizes Gabor filters to detect and extract fine hairs from the input image. It is useful for post-production tasks such as creating clean plates for compositing, relighting, color grading, and more.

Keying fine hair has never been easier! 

The node outputs the filtered image in the 3 RGB channels. A strong contrast on the source image will give stronger, better results. If you’re using it on a green screen for hair extraction, you generally will use the green channel only as it is the one with the strongest contrast between the strands and the background.

Then, you can use a “merge” node with operation “plus” to add the hair details to your existing alpha (IBK or anything else).

DOWNLOAD Fine hair keying using Gabor filtering

How to install gizmo in nuke?

1. Download Gizmo from the Nuke website.

2. Copy the downloaded Gizmo folder to the Nuke user directory.

3. Launch Nuke and go to the Preferences.

4. Under the Scripts tab, add the Gizmo folder to the list of directories.

5. Restart Nuke and Gizmo will be available in the Nodes menu.

What is gizmo? and why use it in Nuke?

Gizmo is a nodes-based scripting tool in Nuke, used to automate tasks and create powerful, customized tools. It allows users to combine existing nodes and create their own customized tools. It is particularly useful for VFX artists and compositors who need to quickly and easily create complex effects or combine existing effects into one. Gizmo also allows users to create customized scripts, which can be saved and reused.

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