Fusion vs After Effects

Hey everybody, don’t miss this tutorial video about digital compositing in Fusion, Tim van Helsdingen shows us how to start in Fusion the VFX compositing of your scene.

How to start compositing in Fusion?

This free tutorial series teaching you all the fundamentals you need to start compositing your renders. We will be using Fusion (or Resolve) to composit all of our renders.

This is a 4 part series.
part 1 – Differences between layer based & node based compositing
part 2 – AOVs explained (and working with ACES)
part 3 – Compositing Fundamentals (in fusion)
part 4 – Compositing In production

Compositing for 3D artists – Learn compositing fundamentals (In Fusion)

Fusion vs After effects check this video to understand what is better for compositing

part 1 |
In this first video we explore the differences between layer-based and node-based compositing (Fusion vs After effects) Both have pros and cons, so let’s explore.

Compositing for 3D artists – Learn compositing fundamentals (In Fusion)

0:00​ – Intro
3:50​ – Node-based compositing in Fusion
5:55​ – Layer based compositing in After Effects
14:14​ – Some important differences
16:36​ – Benefits of both
19:39​ – Why I don’t use Nuke


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