FREE VFX Character – The Heretic

Unity Technologies has made a second character Free to download, Morgan from cinematic animation The Heretic. Morgan was created using the engine VFX graph, and is based on an underlying skinned mesh that can be morphed between male and female states.

Insanely good – very clever and amazing piece of art!

At the end of The Heretic short film, it’s introduced Morgan, a VFX-based character created entirely with the help of Unity’s VFX Graph.

In this project you can see how this complex character is put together, and try for yourself how manipulating the set-up directly in Unity feels like. Playing around with the VFX Graph, you’re free to give the design your own twist.

Also available on GitHub.
Here’s what you can do with the package:
• VFX morphing: morph the effects covering Morgan.
Shape morphing: morph the underlying skinned mesh between female and male shapes.
• Appearance tweaks: other elements of Morgan’s visual appearance, including how close the particles stick to the mesh.
• Fire:adds an extra layer of intensity.
• Crumble: several ways to make Morgan disintegrate into pieces.
• Debug: each feature has debug options.
  • File size 309.6 MB
  • Latest version 1.0
  • Latest release date May 20, 2020
  • Support Unity versions 2019.3.9 or higher
FREE VFX Character – The Heretic

Each of the features mentioned above has several customization options exposed in Morgan’s Inspector. In total, that means that there are over 300 parameters that you can tweak in real time to achieve a wide variety of results.

The base mesh are separate particle and fire effects, also the character can also be made to disintegrate completely into a cloud of fragments.

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